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Release, Restore, Reset......

Our Detox Tea has been featured with our 3day juice Cleanse. Its been our best kept secret, until now.

Customers have been raving about this product and requesting it by it self.

Its hard to keep in stock.

Its an amazing herbal blend all natural, no sweatners and it gets to the point.

1)Releases all toxins inside gut, and is a immediate flush

2)Unlike most detox tea this is gonna put back all nutrients, minerals vitamins and build immunity, reduces cravings of meat and chemical based foods.

3)Reset body to natural state, no bloat, no cravings and a fresh start to maintain a healthy life style.

R3 Tea Tox

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Drink one bottle per day followed by two 16oz bottle water.

    Drink early in morning 5x per week.

    Watch the fat burn away.

    For maximum results work out(cardio) and eat clean.



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