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Detox, or detoxification, is the process of removing toxic substances or qualities. There are many ways to detox the body, one of which is drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices and water. A detox cleanse is a way to naturally detoxify one's body by removing impurities from the blood stream.  

Why THE Fawaky Burst CLEANSE?

The Fawaky Burst Detox Cleanse is very simple. You will be provided with 5 - 12 oz bottles of freshly made fruit/vegetable juice. You will drink a juice for breakfast, late morning, lunch, late afternoon, and dinner. Each juice will be followed with at least 1 bottle full of water. Although our drinks are tasty, we remind you that the goal of the juice is to detox your body. Some juices may have a more appealing taste than others but each juice is designed to focus on different body systems so we recommend being open to try them all.

What should i eat and drink during my detox?

If you feel the need to eat during your detox please only consume grilled chicken or fish, raw veggies, raw and unsalted nuts, fresh fruits, and clean salads. It is recommended that you have proteins if you work out extensively. Please stay away from baked and fried foods, red meat, sugary and junk foods, and carbohydrates. For best results only eat when necessary, try to drink more water in place of consuming solid foods.

Why should i detox?

A detox can be thought of as a "reboot" or "recharge" of the body. Proper cleansing of the body from toxins can help improve unexplained fatigue, allergies, bloating, and a load of other unwanted symptoms. We recommend detoxing to those who are beginning to work out and eat healthily and want to give themselves a kick-start or clean start. Even to those who just want to feel lighter, energized, and rejuvenated.

how often should i detox?

Depending on your lifestyle we recommend detoxing as few as 4 times a year (at the change of each season) or as much as at the end or beginning of every month. Incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables and less sugar and toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine into your everyday diet will allow you to naturally detoxify your body everyday.

What to do after I detox?

It is important, especially with longer detoxes, to gradually work solid foods back into your diet as to not shock your body and make yourself ill. Continue to hydrate with water and herbal teas. Drink fresh squeezed juices, cucumbers, celery, avocados, and vegetable broth. Eat raw fruits and vegetables (or lightly steamed). Eat light starches, such as small portions of brown rice, sweet potatoes, and squash. Slowly reintroduce lean meats and fish. For best results, do not turn right back to all the foods that made you sluggish and bloated to begin with. Take it slow and make the appropriate lifelong changes.

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