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Our mission is to aid you in a lifestyle transformation that will allow for a better quality of life.We are excited to provide you with a healthy and effective way to rid your body of unwanted toxins, ailments and weight that may be holding you back from living your best life.


The Benefits of Eating Raw

Let’s look more closely at how you will benefit from raw food.Raw fruit contains a wealth of vitamins that protect the body from harmful free radicals. These free radicals contribute to chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. If you worry about stuffing yourself with carbohydrates when you eat fruit, remember that fruit is a simple carbohydrate, and the sugars are easily absorbed by cells as a fuel source. 

Since you are consuming whole fruit, you are also getting fiber and high doses of antioxidants. While protein should definitely be the star of your breakfast, you will want to include a healthy dose of fruit and chopped nuts and seeds for healthy fats as well.


21 Days of Our Raw Vegan Diet Will Consist of the Following:

  • The preparation of 3 daily meals (including snacks) and detox juices for 21 straights days

  • 2 pick-up days per week (unless you opt for delivery) which will be Wednesday 5pm-7pm & Sunday 4pm-6pm.

Note: You may send someone in your place for pick-up. If you happen to miss pick-up times please come the next day for pick up.


Meals may include a variety of fresh juices, smoothies, vegetables, beans, oats etc. 

For example: 


WEEK 1: Breakfast smoothie, Lunch smoothie, Dinner smoothie & green Salad


WEEK 2: No breakfast, we will provide lunch(green salad) & dinner meals(Raw vegan chili) detox juices and snacks.

WEEK 3: No breakfast or lunch, we will provide dinner meals(raw vegan tuna) detox juices and snacks.


You are more than welcome to indulge in additional raw vegan foods of your choice including raw nuts, dehydrated fruits and (unpasteurized) nut milks, raw vegan salad dressing.


*** If there are any food allergies/dietary restraints, please make us aware during signup. There will be no substitutions/changes to meals except for these reasons.***


Things to Note About Your Body

Please pay attention to your body as several changes may occur that may cause minor discomfort including but not limited to:headaches, skin breakouts, bloating, bowel changes, fatigue, irritability etc.


These are things that should be expected as your body fights to rid itself of impurities! Please be patient with your body, it will thank you later.


Do’s & Don’ts

  • Please refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking, sugar, soda (pop), caffeine (tea/coffee), cooked/heated foods, dairy products, meats of any kind.

  • Consuming water is very important, alkaline water is a plus!

  • Get as much rest as possible.

  • Please, please keep a positive attitude and trust the process as most of it is a mental detox! We are here to support each other in this powerful change.

  • And please thank yourself for giving your mind, body and soul it’s right to function as it was intended to! 

21 Raw Diet

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